Jones Factor Lite

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The Westport Public Library, 20 Jesup Rd., Westport

Speaking of Music Presents: Jazz... What It Is! (LOGO) The Speaking of Music series, a cornerstone of musical education, artfully combines narration, expert discussions, and live musical performances. Rooted in America's rich and storied musical history, Speaking of Music delves deep into the essence of indigenous musical genres, performing the music live and through dialog and discussion creating a unique and uplifting live event for enthusiasts and novices alike. Event Overview: Jazz... What It Is! On November 11th, 2023 at 7:30...the Westport Public Library will host the latest in Roger Kaufman's "Speaking of Music’ series ,a captivating evening centered around the theme of "Jazz... What It Is!" This event promises an insightful exploration of jazz, a quintessentially American art form. Through live performances by the Brian Torff Group, the Jones Factor Lite, and The Tim DeHuff Quartet featuring vocalist Audrey Martells, attendees will be treated to the magic of jazz in its various forms. The Brian Torff Group, with Brian on Bass, is well recognized for his long time contributions to jazz as a musician and now, the author of "Seize The Beat.He will set the stage for this exceptional musical journey. Expert Panel: Exploring the Many Faces of Jazz A distinguished panel of experts, featuring Jazz Author and critic Bill Milkowski, Jazz Saxophonist Rabbi Greg Wall, Bassist Dave Anderson, Bassist, Author and music educator Brian Torff, will engage in a spirited discussion guided moderated by Speaking of Music's Roger Kaufman. This panel will not only provide profound insights into the fluidity of jazz's definition but will also trace and share their unique and up close insights into the fascinating evolution of jazz. From its roots in blues, spirituals and gospel to the early New Orleans influences, Ragtime, the Swing era, Bop &Bebop revolution, the "Cool School"& West Cost jazz innovation, Soul Jazz, Fusion, and contemporary jazz,. Never all, but many facets of jazz's evolution will be explored. The comprehensive examination of jazz's journey will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the genre's rich history. Musical Tribute: A Celebration of Jazz Legends The evening's powerful line-up will include a performance by jazz vocalist/Actress Audrey Martells, (currently on tour with Westport's Nile Rogers & Chic) known for her powerful voice and dynamic stage presence. Ms. Martells' performance will celebrate the ground and barrier breaking influential voices of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Sarah Vaughan, all of whom played pivotal roles in shaping the history of jazz. Audrey's soul-stirring renditions recognize these early African American female voices ever-lasting impacts on the jazz world. Enjoy: A Musical Shower-Bath of Jazz History In this enriching event, Speaking of Music invites you to immerse yourself in a "musical shower-bath" of jazz's history and evolution. Witness the well constructed blend of insightful discussion, live performances, and the genuine passion of the artists. Together, we will embark on a journey through the creativity, innovation, freedom of expression and artistry that define jazz, embracing the diversity that make JAZZ...culturally, racially and spiritually a true American treasure. Join us for an evening of education, inspiration, sharing the sheer joy of music. We will unravel the intricate layers of jazz and celebrate the tapestry of its uniquely American musical heritage. By sharing this universal language of music, we all gain a deeper understanding of this remarkable art form that continues to evolve and captivate audiences so doing we become a little more fluent in this language we call JAZZ. That's What It Is!.