Once again, thank you for the opportunity to work alongside you, and that amazing band! I thought the crowd loved it.  The band sounded big and fat, and it was a gift to hear my songs performed with those arrangements. Chieli Minucci 

Your group is outstanding!! Outstanding arrangement and performance by all! David Arivett 

These guys killin' of course ....andy abel 

The group was excellent, a special band!...Charles Piazza, owner Club Bonafide 

thank you for all the music, energy, and beautiful spirit you have brought to the Pizzeria so many times. Whether quintet or Jones Factor, you bring in great folks and great music. You have the best vibe John and it's been a pleasure and honor to work with you Judith Joiner 

I just want to thank you again for the fabulous job you did arranging my tune and the honor you bestowed upon me by including it in your Jones Factor repertoire.  My heart was and is so full right now--what a gift!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you--you did such a beautiful job!!!!  What a thrill to hear When He Calls performed by a ten piece band!!! I could not have asked for more....Patty Priess 

Great gig, great venue, great music! Very cool to hear Ed’s tunes (Bonoff) with French horn. Very tight band. J.B. 

Absolutely loved your video of "Hall Of Mirrors". Great sound, great arrangement -- you should be very proud. Roger Ball AWB 

You have a great sound!....Paul McCoy- Sound Tracks Magazine 

One of my favorite bands. We saw you guys in Bethel and Harrison. My favorite players, not to mention my rabbi, Dave! ENC MEDIA 

"Ohhhhhh my goooooodness the concert at the church was PHENOMENAL! L.V. 

The Jones Factor brought their “A” game, what a fantastic night of music! L.R.  

Great musicians, great music, a cool space and a bar. Who knew?:) Sara D 

Wow! The Jones Factor was off the hook good! Everybody, the rhythm section, holy guacamole! Thank you so much for presenting such an incredibly high level of musicianship! Wow! D.A. 

Thank you so much for such an amazing concert-Of course, people were blown away by the band, bravos all round! J.C.  

Great night of music! Paul T. 

All great musicians! Nick G. 

From Three Marias to one Ostinato Funk, that was one slam-dunk performance! Triton was stunning, Full House was rambunctious, and others were lyrical -your long ago adding a French horn to The Jones Factor remains a priceless decision.  All, however, were top drawer! 

Edwin Taylor 

Loved the concert! Dave K.